Development History

2006 Our company established in Buji center garden, which mainly sales bar code equipment.

2007 Our company moved to Buji committee building.

2009 Our company moved to Xinwenfeng building.

2010 Our company tapped into RFID industry and successfully signed with  Dupont- one of world’s top five hundred enterprises.

2011 We researched our own MES System and launched T7 Intelligent Date Acquisition Collector.

2012 We deeply researched RFID Production and Manufacturing Management System, as the same time, we finished RFID guitar production management, RFID Weighing Anti-cross Cargo Management System and also put RFID label in medical system.

2013 Our powerful MES System was used by our customers in Huizhou. We launched TP10 Intelligent Date Acquisition Collector, put RFID, bar code, weighing tech together in the same year.

2014 MES system entered in the second update and we started researching Automatic weighing and Measuring Volume System.

2015 Our company’s RFID WMS successfully came online and we applied for the software copyright. Our Automatic weighing and Measuring Volume System got more popularization and application.

2016 Automatic Marking and Labeling System has been successfully researched and put into production. And our Automatic weighing line accurate TP 1 gram.

2017-Now We have successfully made cooperation with Boeing Tianjin Composites and Beijing Yanwen Express.